If your gimbal is playing up or not behaving correctly, a factory reset may be required. 

Software issues Checklist:

  • Re-install the AlexMos 2.1 firmware. Video instructions here (use the 2.1 version,not 2.0 as in the video): Firmware can be found here, http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/8bit/
Note: Only use firmware version 2.1.

  •  Re-install our profiles. The two profiles are attached to this article for download (bottom of the page). Go into BaseCam, select Profile 1 from the drop down, then click Browse, select profile1.dat and click WRITE. Re-do the same thing for Profile 2.

  • Verify in BASECAM that the I2C Errors remain Zero. If thats not the case there may be a defective IMU. Starting Batch 3 (shipping end of October 2013) the IMU has a LED to signal proper connection and power. Verify it's lit, or measure the voltage of 3.3V at the IMU over the capacitor (marked by "+" and "-").

  • Go into the "Realtime data" and verify that, when keeping the IMU stationary, the lines are somewhat stationary. A little bit of vibration is normal, these sensors are very sensitive.