• POTENTIAL PROBLEM: Overpowered video transmitter
    The TBS CORE that is pre-installed on the TBS DISCOVERY PRO is limited in the amount of power it can supply. Running an inefficient or powerful video transmitter through the CORE can usually cause it to overheat and go into a protective shut-down.

    Solution for Boscam 400mW/600mW or ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 600mW video transmitter owners:
    Connect the PWR pins to the + and - pads of the bottom plate instead of the CORE's power output. The above video transmitters can handle 2-4S battery inputs, so it's perfectly fine with a standard TBS DISCOVERY setup.

    Solution for high powered 12V 1.2GHz or 900MHz transmitters:
    Find a 12V step-down power supply that you can connect between the + and - pads of the bottom plate instead of the CORE's power output.

  • POTENTIAL PROBLEM: Wrong screws used to secure Roll or Tilt gimbal motor
    Two screws have the capability of securing the motor and according to Murphy's Law, you're very likely using the wrong one. This is documented in the manual, but we'd like to highlight it once more: Using the wrong screws can short circuit and fry the motors. The CORE will go into thermal shutdown to protect itself and the remaining circuitry, but the motors will probably overload themselves and destroy themselves in the process. Below you can find a picture of the good and the bad screws. If you have used a bad screw please try with the correct screws. If the motors seem dead open up a support ticket so we can send you some replacements.

 Bad Screws

 Good Screws