Any Gimbal problem should first mitigate MECHANICAL problems before looking into the SOFTWARE.

Mechanical Issues Checklist:

  1. Verify motors are correctly plugged in. The motor that sits out to the side of the gimbal is the TILT motor and needs to go into the socket on the top plate marked TILT. The other motor goes into ROLL.
  2. When turning the gimbal a full 360 degrees on tilt, the resistance does not increase or decrease across the full rotation. If there is variable resistance unscrew ALL the gimbal screws, turn again to verify it's fixed, and then re-tighten them. The gimbal might have been assembled incorrectly and been jammed up.

Software Issues Checklist:

Disconnect Video transmitter and FPV camera first.

  1. Connect Battery, then connect USB and connect to simple BGC Tool. Check if you get I2C errors. 
  2. When you get I2C errors then first unplug the roll motor. Check for I2C errors again. If the number of errors doesn`t increase further, your roll motor might be damaged.
  3. Do the same with your pitch motor.
  4. If disconnecting motors doesn`t help at all you should check or replace the 5pin IMU cable.